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Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’

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April 20 I will give a short presentation in Boston to promote the 2014 world rowing championships in Amsterdam. The races will take place at the Bosbaan, which is a beautiful venue for this important event. The Bosbaan has been the main racing course throughout my rowing career and I have won most of my races there. One of most exciting races each year is the ‘Holland Beker’, held in June. The Holland Beker is a cup race in singles that was raced for the first time in 1886 and attracts each year the worlds best single scullers to Amsterdam. I never raced the Cup as my focus this far into the season was on different boats, but I have won many races during this regatta weekend. A special win was in my freshman year in college by winning the ISSA Cup for U23 eights. By winning the ISSA Cup, we qualified ourselves for the U23 world rowing championships also held on the Bosbaan later that summer. It marked the first time to make the national team and represent my country.

Having the clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ visiting Boston is very exciting. This yacht usually sails around in the Caribbean, but is making this promotional tour to first Baltimore, next to NYC and than Boston. Growing up with sailing, you can imagine being on this clipper is special. I am really looking forward to this event and meet some of my old Dutch friends. If you are looking for more information about this event, click here.

Cheers, Michiel

Lucerne 1995

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Lucerne 1995┬áJust added a new race to the video page. It is from a long time ago, but still a good race to watch. Lucerne hosts each year as last preparation for the World championships a world cup race. The Lucerne WC is known for it’s beautiful location and strong competition, so racing on the Rotsee is always a pleasure. If you have the chance pay a visit to Lucerne and the lake. Actually, if you are a rower it should be on your bucket list.


Great view of the Charles

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The Charles is such a beautiful river to row on. There are sharp turns and a lot of bridges which makes navigating challenging, but that makes it so great. Most of the times the water is always good and you have 8 miles of rowable water. Sometimes you have to be reminded of it’s beauty again. Here you see a great view of the Charles and Harvard campus, shot by Mason Cox during our practice. When you are on the water, you are focused on your crew and other things around you. A picture like this makes you appreciate again what you sometimes take too easily for granted.

New look

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After a couple years staring at the same pages of my website, I thought it was time for a fresh new look. Also, after hosting my website with a company for many years, I thought that hosting my website by WordPress was a better choice as it offers more features like using the blogging feature from my iPhone or iPad.

Not that I am an avid blogger, but I will post once in a while someting about my new job as the lightweight men’s coach at Harvard University or something else. I am looking forward to this new great opportunity and hope that the team will continue to be successfull as they were in the past. The Ivy League lightweight men’s competition is pretty competitive, so we have to work hard to stay ahead.

First race that is coming up is the Head of the Charles, 19 & 20 October. It always has been my Fall favorite as a rower and now as a coach. Being in Boston adds an other element to it; we host a lot of crews who use a boat out of Newell, the Harvard men’s boathouse. It means more visitors and rowers in the week leading up to the race. One of those visiting crews is the current generation of rowers from my old club A.S.R. Nereus Amsterdam. Back in 1992 I started to row the HOCR with Nereus out of Newell and it made an everlasting impact on me. I hope they experience the same.

After 20 year, being a coach at Harvard is full circle for me and I couldn’t imagine being at an other place.