Left to right: Gold '96, Silver '00 and Silver '04
Left to right: Gold ’96, Silver ’00 and Silver ’04

Harvard University

Since 2011 I work as head coach rowing at Harvard. From 2011 till September 2013 I was the head coach for the lightweight women’s team and currently I am the head coach for the lightweight men. The Harvard rowing teams rank among the best in the nation, so it is a very inspiring place to coach.

Vesper Boat Club

My American journey started in April 2005 when I became the head coach at Vesper Boat Club in Philadelphia. In those years we have build a racing squad which has become one of the most competitive and successful ones in the United States. The Vesper mission is to give the ambitious rower the chance to see if they can reach their potential and make the national team.

In the past years we had international successes at the Olympic Games, World Championships, PanAm Games and World Cups. One of my rowers, Andrew Byrnes succeeded to win Olympic and Worlds Gold, in 2008 a complete Vesper lightweight women’s quad won a Bronze at the World Championships. Besides the international successes we have been winning numerous medals and championships on the National level for example at Elite Nationals, Club Nationals, Independence Day regatta and Canadian Henley. Obviously, I am very proud of my rowers who achieved their dreams, but I am equally as proud of their team members who made that possible. It was a great time at Vesper.

Olympic Athlete

From 1993 till 2004 I was a member of the Dutch National Team. In those years I went to 9 World Championships and 3 Olympic Games. That resulted in 3 medals at Worlds and 3 at the Olympic Games. You can read more about it my medals here.

Workshops and Lectures

From my successful background as a successful coach and top athlete, winner of several world championships medals and winner of olympic gold and two silver medals I give lectures and workshops for companies and sport institutions. From a simple and inspirational speech about the road to olympic gold to custom made speeches, where the link is made from top sport to a specific challenge the company has to deal with. If you are interested in a great story or presentation contact me via the contact form below:

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